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Our mission is simple: to create premium, yet affordable candles that are as thoughtfully designed as everything else in your home.

Our refillable Mill vessels are crafted as timeless decor centerpieces that can be refilled and used indefinitely. Our scented candle Fills are packaged in recyclable tins, eliminating the use of single-use jars. And because we didn’t spend on wasteful candle packaging, we're able to deliver higher-quality fragrances at a lower cost to you.

Inserting scented candle fill in refillable Fill Mill vessel

Our passion: crafting complex scents with character.

After years of selling the world’s best candles at Bespoke Post, we approached our favorite luxury fragrance developers to craft the Fill Mill scent collection. Every Fill starts with a distinct vibe or atmosphere we want to bring into our homes — such as a nightcap at our favorite speakeasy, or a summer sunset in a California grove. We carefully balance the scents with a nuanced blend of top, middle, and base notes that give them a rich and complex character. We then tweak and optimize their formulas for a strong throw that sets a vivid mood without ever feeling overpowering.

Much like the way we listen to our favorite songs, Fill Mill scents are designed to be swapped, so you can easily change the mood whenever you click in a new Fill.  We hope you’ll love the scents and ease of Fill Mill as much as we do. And check back often, as we’re always launching new seasonal scents to keep things fresh.


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Field tested by the pros

Bespoke Post commissioned home and decor experts Mark Asuncion and Steven Sharpe to take the Fill Mill system for a spin. Here's what they had to say.